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M69 (September 2016)

“The M69 is a 15.7 mi dual three lane dual carriageway motorway in Leicestershire and Warwickshire, England. It runs between junction 21 of the M1 near Leicester and junction 2 of the M6 near Coventry. It opened in 1977.” (ref)

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M69: £3 (+ £1 UK p&p)

The Writing on My Shoes (April 2016)

An autobiographical story of social misunderstanding.

Writing on Shoes Banner

The Writing on My Shoes: £3 (+ £1 UK p&p) [82 pages + cover, 105x115mm]

Anthropocene: The Age of Man (November 2015)

Man-made landscapes.


Anthropocene: £3 (+ £1 UK p&p) [24 pages + cover, 140x140mm]

Plastic (October 2015)

The life of a plastic bottle, from oil through to microplastic.

Plastic Bottle - Cover.indd

Plastic: £2 (+ £1 UK p&p) [48 pages + cover, 105x105mm]

Patterned (November 2013)

Anthology of Nick’s comics on the theme of patterns and rhythms of urban imagination.


Patterned: £3 (+ £1 UK p&p) [40 pages + cover]
Out of print

The Un-Manned Manned Craft (November 2011)

A surreal encounter with time and place.

The Un-manned Manned Craft [26 pages + cover] [2013 Re-Print]
Out of print

A Working City (March 2011):

A Working City, the second mini-comic from Nick, explores disillusionment with capitalist consumption culture.

A Working City: £2 (+£1 UK P&P) [24 Pages + cover] [2013 Re-Print]
Out of print

Falling Away (June 2011):

Falling Away [16 Pages + cover]
Out of print

To Share is To Divide (Nov 2010):

To Share is To Divide [12 Pages + cover]
Out of print