mis-comp is authored by Nick.

Nick is a town planner and sometimes comics artist. He  co-founded Bear Pit Zines and the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair.


Email: misinterpretedcomplications@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Nick_Soucek

Reddit: Reddit


– Thought Bubble (Leeds), 14th-15th November 2015
– Bristol Comic/Zine Fair [Co-Organiser] (Bristol), 3rd October 2015
– Bristol Comic/Zine Fair [Co-Organiser] (Bristol), 4th October 2014
– Alternative Press take over Radical Bookfair (London), 10th May 2014
– Thought Bubble (Leeds), 23rd-24th November 2013
– Bristol Comic/Zine Fair [Co-Organiser] (Bristol), 5th October 2013
– DIY Cultures (London), 8th April 2013
– Thought Bubble (Leeds), 17th-18th November 2012
– Birminham Zine Fair (Birmingham), 15th October 2012
– Bristol Comic/Zine Fair [Co-Organiser] (Bristol), 23rd September 2012
– Thought Bubble (Leeds), 19th-20th November 2011.
– Comica Comiket (London), 12th November 2011
– Bear Pit Comix/Zine Fair [Co-Organiser] (Bristol), 25th September 2011
– Stokes Croft Festival (Bristol), 21st May 2011
– Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo (Bristol), 14th-15th May 2011
– London Zine Symposium (London), 17th April 2011
– London Comic and Small Press Expo (London), 12th March 2011
– Thought Bubble (Leeds), 21st November 2010
– Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo (Bristol), 22nd-23rd May 2010

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