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Patterned (Published November 2013)

This beautifully printed comic comprises recent short comics within the theme of patterns and rhythms of urban imagination. The print run is limited to 50 copies.


Patterned: £5.00 (incl. UK p&p) [40 pages + cover]

The Un-Manned Manned Craft (Published November 2011)

This comic started as a 30 Days of Comics challenge, but ended up as a mini-comic in its own right. The story, a surreal encounter with time and place, starts with Art first reporting the crash of an unidentified craft. (Pages 9 & 20 below).

The Un-manned Manned Craft: £3.50 (incl. UK p&p) [26 pages + cover] [2013 Re-Print]

A Working City (Published March 2011):

A Working City, the second mini-comic from Nick, explores the disillusionment experienced by an urban employee, and his attempts to resolve the tensions he identifies in his work, lifestyle, and aspirations. (Pages 6 & 7 below).

A Working City: £3.50 (incl. UK P&P) [24 Pages + cover] [2013 Re-Print]

Falling Away (Published June 2011):

In Falling Away we follow the main character and his anxieties during the course of an unexceptional day. (Pages 9 & 10 below).

Falling Away: £2.50 (incl. UK p&p) [16 Pages + cover]
Sold out

To Share is To Divide (Published Nov 2010):

After several years of writing and drawing webcomics and other short pieces, To Share is to Divide marks Nick’s first voyage into mini-comics. After the main character breaks up with his partner, he goes on a somewhat (tongue-in-cheek) melodramatic journey in which his search for self-discovery with escapism are blurred. (Pages 6 & 7 below)

To Share is To Divide: £2.50 (incl. UK P&P) [12 Pages + cover]
Sold out

My comics have been available in:
London (UK): Orbital Comics, Amsterdam (NL): Lambiek, & in Melbourne (Aus): Sticky Institute.

Feedback/ Reviews:

“It’s possible that Nick has cornered the market on bleak yet oddly adorable characters.”
– Extract from Kevin Bramer’s review of A Working City, (Optical Sloth).

“It ends up being a fairly hopeful comic (without giving too much away), and ends up breaking through some fairly conventional “I’ll never be loved” territory. …Check it out if you like these types of stories but maybe want to see a bit of a twist for once.”
– Extract from Kevin Bramer’s review of To Share is To Divide, (Optical Sloth). ‘To Share is To Divide’ can also be read here.

“Oh comics! Once more you prove your superiority over prose!”
– Extract from Matt Murray’s review of Booklet #5. (365 Zines)

“…a cool little comic with nice grey tones. I like his character design too and it’s a good story.”
– Extract from comments by Rob Jackson on To Share is To Divide. (Rob Jackson Comix)

“Is there a word for something that is wistful, sad and amusing at the same time? Nostalgiaish?… told from a perspective that, even with the general misanthropy of comics readers, isn’t seen often enough.”
– Extract from Kevin Bramer’s review of booklet #5. (Optical Sloth)

“He manages to tap into these feelings that presumably (hopefully) many people feel.”
– Extract from Matt Murray’s review of Booklet #4. (365 Zines)


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